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Welcome to Bleach: Fallen Requiem! Make your character, meet knew people, and have fun! Never let your guard down! Aizen has been revived by the Sinister Seiyusosha Saiyagawa! What will happen next?! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!


 God's War

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God's War

God's War Rplgoo-1

From ancient times, people have always wondered who was behind the forces of nature, from their creation to their still existence today, and people gave themselves an answer by proclaiming Gods and Goddesses. This went on as the general truth from the old times, and still remains as a fact to the people of the world.

But, unknown to them was that when people die, they actually meet their total ruler, dubbed as Fate. Fate is the one who oversees everything, and he actually decides where people end up, how their lives come by, and everything about them. These people, are then met by Fate through a bright white light. It is then explained to them by Fate's servants about how Fate rules his people, and then a question is raised to those who meets him, "Do you believe in Fate?". They are given time to think, and after that, are required to answer. The answer though, must be absolute. If they answer no, they will turn into Angels, given the right to try and prove Fate is wrong.

Those who absolutely believe in Fate, become Demons. But people who knows about this event ask, why does Fate create Demons for his followers, and Angels for those who rebel against him. The answer is unknown to this day.

At present, the Angel's have established their community and even created a group called "Angel's Opposition". They are the supreme commander and superiors of the Angel Race. Whilst, the demons themselves act accordingly to their own will, but are directly seen over and commanded by Fate himself. The Angels resided in Valhalla, the land of paradise, while the Demons stayed in Odin, the exact manifestation of Hell.

The humans were stuck in the middle of the battle of these supreme races, but they were oblivious to it. Some humans, actually possess power that enters the dimension of those the Angels and Demons could conjure, called "Spiritual Prime". These humans though, did not get their powers out of nowhere. When they died and sent to meet Fate, they did not present their answer, and thus was reborn to live as a Human to reevaluate himself and his beliefs. But, traveling through the void of the realms enhanced their spiritual senses so that they received powers that were unique to them.

There are so many questions, yet most still remain to be asked to this day. Who is Fate? What is he after? All these will be answered as you behold and partake in this epic story, God's War now unfolds.
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God's War
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