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Welcome to Bleach: Fallen Requiem! Make your character, meet knew people, and have fun! Never let your guard down! Aizen has been revived by the Sinister Seiyusosha Saiyagawa! What will happen next?! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!


 War Of Paradise

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It wasn't for anyone....No it was...Only for the flower
maidens...and..Wolves. There was once an old tale. The Indians would
sing it, The moon would come closer and closer to the world, and all the
wolves would disappear. That was the sign the world was going to end.
What if the world wasn't going to end though? It was only the end of the
world as we know it.- Unknown.

Paradise has open, it is awaiting
for the chosen to come. The last few wolves, who feel it in their
heart. Whole feel it. They don't know it yet...They need it. They are
scared of this feeling; but it is an exciting feeling..it is....

it disappeared. The feeling the wolves knew so well, and they loved it.
Maybe age just got to them..maybe they lost the scent that made their
heart feel like they were inches away from their loves lips. Maybe...but

Lord Darcia

has done it again; what his ancestors did so long ago...oh so long ago.
He has created..not one flower maiden. Three..He created three, oh so
quickly, but to his dismay..one was stolen. With That he summoned three
families, that had been loyal to him for all time. He would make it to
Paradise, and promised them..for their centuries of only love to his
family..they would come too.

The Izumi Family.
The First generation of the Izumi Family is said to have floated out of
the sea, They were all sculpted beautifully the rumor was, that the sea
had over lapped it's waves onto them, until they were as beautiful as
it was...and then they escaped.

Unfortunately, like the rest of
the families under the Darcia family, only three are remaining.
Sazanami, the only surviving engineer fo the flower maidens, her older
brother Kasui Who lives as a spy for Lord Darcia, and her younger sister
Aki who happens to want to be a scientist.

This is only the
first family out of three that follows Lord Darcia.

Junko Family
The Junko Family, has been under the Darcia family
since the beginning of time, records seem to stop to being written down.
They are known for their loyalty, to a time to when they would kill any
other slaves that did their master right, better then them.

most of the family had grown ill with Paradise-sickness and died
leaving only three cousins, to fend for each other, to pray that they do
not suffer from it. Kyo the eldest, and also the leader of his army.
Maolyn the head scientist, to watch the behavioral pattern of the flower
maidens, and Aimye a scientist that has gone so far to sacrifice her
life to protect the flower maidens after the third one was captured. She
has been in love with Lord Darcia for a long time, yet he shows no
signs of loving or caring for her at all in that manner.

Kohaku Family
they are the newest of Lrod Darcia's servants, non of
them are actually related, they had all been friends street rats, that
had unknowingly saved Lord Darcia from a pack of wolves, killing them.

most noticeable thing of the group is the cocky Kaine who loves to kill
but to protect his friends more then Lord Darcia, his best friend is
Adam, who seems more talented in not talking and ignoring anyone, more
of a cold type, then there is Lina, who seems to always be annoyed by
something, but the annoying one.


were created by Lord Oakum after he captured the first flower maiden
from Darcia, he realized that this place called paradise..is untouched
by man, so now..animals have something else to worry about. The Hunters,
they hunt down animals, and capture them for their lords, they are
great trackers, and it would be easy to track anything down. Anyone can
be hunters, some hunters work for small town police, but the good
ones..hunt for Lord Oakum...

Lord Oakum

Lord Oakum, the Ayumu Family have been under him
for generations, they were all acquired psychics for him, the child of
the Ayumu family would be his psychic, and this is how he heard of the
flower maiden, and where to strike and what time to get her...the
mission was a success, from then on Isysablle (Izzy) Ayumu he made sure
would always be by his side, for whenever she would have a vision she
would tell him.

Next in the ayumu family is a hunter named
Osyrhysse or Rhys not only is he a hunter, a good one at that. He is the
representative for the ayumu family and Lord Oakum. He knows how to
speak and for that he could condemn a priest if he so pleased.

the youngest of the ayumu family; Seth.. he seems the most
compassionate for the flower maidens, and the animals, despite the fact
he is one of the top hunters in the region.

Daiki Family
is under Lord Oakum by force, well not by
force, they are just known for their structure in killing and
protecting, their ranks lie from commander of Lord Oakums army, to the
head of the police.

Starting from the oldest to the youngest
there is Kangae despite her beauty and strength, she wishes for peace,
but how can you have peace when you are the commander of Lord Oakum's
army? Then there is her twin brother Kabuto who could have taken her
job, but politely declined managing to stay the head of the police, then
there is their younger brother Kabuto, although he is the head of
defense for Lord Oakum, he himself seems to get himself in trouble, with
that smart mouth of his.

Finally the
Hibiki family, who's own greatness only brought
them misfortune. They were a traveling, family.They were known for
their talent in arts. So widely so greatly, that Lord Oakum captured
them, and told them death or play for him when needed, and by that day
they promised to serve him. The Eldest of the group Aeode, thinks of
this as a blessing, even though he knows it will bring nothing but
misfortune, even though he knows his sister Melete speaks against it, he
knows she thinks of it as a blessing because she still sings, despite
her hate for both Lord Oakum and Darcia. Then the youngest, who is mute.
Mneme, she may utter a "hai" but other then that, she stares out the
window, or to the flower maidens in quiet.

they are angered and afraid, most of them stay in
their human forms, even though it'll do no good. Only a few of them dare
to go against them, even some groups are forming...The animals will
they fight or will they fall...

Welcome to
[shadow=red,left,3]The War Of Paradise[/shadow]

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War Of Paradise
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