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Welcome to Bleach: Fallen Requiem! Make your character, meet knew people, and have fun! Never let your guard down! Aizen has been revived by the Sinister Seiyusosha Saiyagawa! What will happen next?! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!


 Path Of Sorrow

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1,000 years after the Fifth Great War, raged on between all five of the
villages, and their rivaled enemies known as the Sorrow-Weavers, the
world is now enveloped in nothing less than chaos and unholy
retribution. The world itself is bein contaminated by an unfamiliar
biochemical disease that seems to have whiped out an unbelievable
portion of the world, and its people. Hundreds of areas all over the
Earth are destroyed, decimated and banketed several feet from the ground
with the bodies of old, diseased corpses. Who else, but the
Sorrow-Weavers, were to blame. They were a once notorious group of
prodigical self-proclaimed Scientists whom seemed to perform miracle
works unto sickened villagers, ninja or homeless citizens. However,
their true colors were shown a few short years after their very


enough, the "cured" villagers, ninja and citizens began to show signs
of increased fatigue, vomiting, migraines and even weakly bodily
movements. With noone else to have done things to them, the finger was
pointed at the Sorrow-Weavers. One by one, over the years, they were
targeted, discovered and picked off one by one until each and every
single Sorrow-Weaver was killed and buried in the pages of history.
However, this history would be short-lived. A few years after the
happening of dire illness, the world began to clear up, people stop
getting sick and the Earth seemed to be replenishing itself. However,
the people underestimated the prowess of this disease, and thoughtlessly
buried the villagers and what not who hadn't recovered from the illness
within the ground, all over the world. Evidentally, the Earth itself
began to show signs of withdrawal and anger, in its very own form of an


you walk the Path of Sorrow, and redeem your name before the pages of
history evaporate into the very ground that you now walk upon? Hurry up,
time is running out as the days grow longer!


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Path Of Sorrow
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