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Welcome to Bleach: Fallen Requiem! Make your character, meet knew people, and have fun! Never let your guard down! Aizen has been revived by the Sinister Seiyusosha Saiyagawa! What will happen next?! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!

Welcome to Bleach: Fallem Requiem!

This is a Text Base Roleplaying site that takes place a year after the series of Bleach! We are currently accepting characters of all races and ranks, canon or custom.
When signing up, please read the rules, and then go ahead and make your character under the character template. Once your character is approved, it will be moved to the Approved Basket, so remember to look there before RPing ANYWHERE.
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Its been one year since the death of Aizen and some of the captains along side Yamamoto. Ichigo Kurosaki has gone back to his job as a Substitute Soul Reaper and spending time with his family. The Soul Society has returned and began finally rebuilding its ranks along side the vizard who have a new found alliance with the Shinigami. Seireitei has even went as far as to allow the Vizard to be put into squads along side other shinigami to increase the alliance bond.

Kira Shichiyou has gathered several quincy to form a might quincy council. The quincy councils soul purpose was to make sure the quincies stand tall like they once were. However little do these three races know that the bounts have created a group, this unknown groups soul purpose is the eradication of all four powerful races. However to do so they must have an organized leader, Who is this unknown leader? Will they succeed?

Along side all this the humans have gotten tired of being stuck in the middle and have formed a group of their own following an unknown leader. These special group of humans decided that when something happened they would take matters into their own hands. These humans all have special powers like Orihime and Chad all had. These major groups have all now fallen into the plot of a new found danger, How will it turn out?

Its your life
Live it to its fullest.
Make your story.
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